Contemporary Combat and Dance Society

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Hereditas Patrum

  Our historical combat society covers the era from 1280 till 1320. We seek to study the contemporary materials in the most historically accurate way, focusing mainly on chivalry and knights, ethics, philosophy and aesthetics, as well as on spiritual values of people in the old times. Our aim is to give the truest possible picture of noblemen and knights' thinking, of their mutual relationships and of their attitudes to God and serfs. We look at all those issues through the optics of Christianity which forms an integral part of the Middle Ages.

In all humbleness, we try to map that historical period in ways which are:
    -witty, for the sake of better memorization
    -untraditional, in order to make them interesting
    -heartfelt, so as to render them true

We would like to offer you the following performances:

  • contemporary medieval dance
  • fencing with swords, daggers, axes, shields, spears and hunting knives and club fighting
  • medieval school – a special program designed mainly for schools
  • modern-style fencing (modern music and clothing, swordplay)
  • firing from medieval guns (a pistol/píšťala and a three-chambered cannon)
  • archery
  • a funny sketch about how to become a knight and not to be a bumpkin – our untraditional conception of the theatre
Celá bojová družina

Special Offer:

  We are able to carry out our performances in German language as well. Performances in English are under way at the moment.

Spatial requirements:

  Fencing and dance performances require a lot of space, therefore we would like you to arrange for it, particularly with respect to the security of your viewers. We also kindly ask you to provide for a dressing room where we can keep our belongings.

We believe our performances will not only be a source of enjoyment but also an opportunity to acquire new knowledge...